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Posted by Chris on 14th December 2004 at 23:12 GMT
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In reply to Re: what league is best posted by Frazier Fyck on 14th December 2004 at 20:45 GMT:

how I am sure that SR AAA is not that good is because I am a Canadian too and I watch some games, and I have seen A lot of AHL games too. Comapring both of them, they are totally different, AHL is more compettive than AAA and Europe League are way more competitive than AHL. Even some of Division 2 or 3 or lower in Europe are more competitive than ECHL. Obiviously, you are clueless about Europe, because you don't just sit and ask for a team and they come at your door and say, "hey are you interested in playing for us? give me your contact" Like here in North America, you need to be competetive in Major Junior, Semi Pro, such as AHL, etc. in orderf or you to be qualified in NHL or European League. You need someone to notice your playing skills, such as scouts, etc. What expenses do you expect them, in Europe, to pay for you? You got to pay your own for flight, housing, foods, cars, etc. That is why, like I said before, most of them need another job to help themsleves with lviing expenses. Teams don't pay for your expenses unless you are Peter Forsberg or Sergei Fedorov, etc.