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Posted by Frazier on 15th December 2004 at 14:52 GMT
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In reply to Re: what league is best posted by Chris on 14th December 2004 at 23:12 GMT:

come on Chris lets be realisitc the only league that is way more competitve then the AHL is the NHL. I have a reliable source that has told me that there are some leagues that are comparable to the league that I am in now. He said that they dont pay well but they will put you in a house and you still get spending money. Im sure its not enough to get a car but you have food and shelter and a bit of money to go out with. Im not saying that I know anything about hockey in Europe because I dont and that is why I am on this site trying to figure it out. If there are no leagues that I can play in then so be it ill just continue my life in Canada, I know ill never play in the NHL and probably never in the AHL but I know of some players that are the same calibur as me that are playing in Europe and doing fairly well. I Just want some info on some of the leagues that are not top notch so I can contact them myself and ask for a tryout. Just to clear things up im not doing this for the money for a young guy in Canada I do well for myself and I am more then willing to pay my own way down. If there is anyone on this site that is actually hear to help others rather then just try to tell them that you cant do it and that they are the only ones that are good enough to play then please give some info. Thanks.