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Posted by Håkan Ljung on 24th February 2006 at 21:18 GMT
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In reply to Re: Its our turn now!!! posted by Samwise on 24th February 2006 at 00:02 GMT:

No one will ever be able to be the best in everything, when you pick out an aspect out of a context. It has never excisted such a thing that some one is the best in everything and thank good it will never happen to any one.

Europe is worldleading when it comes icehockey training for players and golies. Candaians is much better than Europeans in many other of ways. The reason is we deserve to serve as models for Europes minor hockey nations. In this little field of training skills European coaches are the very the best. This how all the famous Europeans in NHL have earned their skills. They are the evidence themself. They did not learn this in North America. Most of these players have qualities most North Americans in the NHL dont have. Thechnical gifts does not necessarily mean winning games, but its certaintly good to have.

The so called hockey experts in North America is not particulary nice to us. We are never good enough compare to them. Let me give you an example. You maybe saw the article on this site, that they could send a second Canada selected squad and by quality replace all players in all European teams including Jaromir Jagr, who is leading the point scooring league in NHL with a better Canadian player. Think first, is this nice thing to say to us Europeans. Even if when we a proof it is still not good enough! North America is allways better than all the rest. We have been listened to this talks for decades. Whatever our community is able to do North America will never accept Europeans can do better. North America is allways the best and that what things should be like. Listen to this youself, is this nice to us? I would say this is quite rude and arrogant.

I am very proud of my European countrymen, that we five nations together created a hockey tradition belonging to the European epithomy, wich sets us apart from the Transatlantic style.