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Posted by tobu_sVK on 4th January 2005 at 14:51 GMT
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don't compare NHL players to common men, compare NHL players to players of other Team sports as Basketball Baseball or Football. The biggest problem is that NHL official Bettman wants a sallary ceiling which would mean there would be a maximum amount a player can make and he cannot earn more. Which is really demotivating and just so stupid in my opinion. Another thing is that almost half of the players in the NHL are European and most of them come play to NHL just because they can earn more money there than in Europe. If you take away this motivation NHL 'could' loose lot of players.

Of course there are a few individuals that are just overestimated and overpaid, however this is a problem of the team managers who were initially willing to pay so much for them.

But my point is, don't blame the players for wanting to each big money, it's a natural thing and I think most of them deserve it. Their see their hockey as a service/product, and value themselves accordingly.

The teams are also lying a lot about their financial situation. I mean what american would go into doing some business for several years knowing that he'll be in loss? None!