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Posted by Blueliner on 28th July 2004 at 02:39 GMT
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In reply to Re: Junior B or Junior A posted by Graham Goodman on 27th July 2004 at 07:51 GMT:

Graham G,

Regarding the ECHL standard as being the level in the UK for work permit eligibility.

In the past the Central Hockey League and the UHL have been considered a step below the ECHL in terms of overall league ability. Once in a while i read a couple of British clubs in house forums and by the look of things the ECHL standard has gone out the window. In fact it looks as if there have been many signings from both the Central and UHL by both British leagues in the past weeks, the Dundee Stars actually signed a goalie from the SEHL,a four team league on the Atlantic coast.

One team signed a player who played in the infamous QSPHL last season. How do you account for this if the ECHL is the hard and fast UK entry rule ?