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Posted by CanadianHockeyGirl on 20th June 2006 at 04:42 GMT
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I think our game has been great then not so good and is getting better. I respect your game but i don't think we're looking to you to change ours in very many ways. I love the big ice, i love no touch icing (sometimes) the fast face offs, no red line, and the skill, but hockey needs some big hits and grit and most euro hockey doesn't have that. I think that what north american hockey has done to make the game better isn't all taken from europe but a lot of different influences. Our college game hasn't had a red line since before time...I'm not trying to be humble or arrogant i just don't feel that it is that interrelated. And i think you are mistaken about where the minor system came from because i know specifically that Sweden based its system on canada's. We then revamped our system a few years ago and definately did integrate the european skills into it, that much i know for sure.