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Posted by Håkan Ljung on 20th June 2006 at 16:31 GMT
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In reply to Re: Sidney Crosby posted by CanadianHockeyGirl on 20th June 2006 at 04:36 GMT:

Please, dont be so sensitive. Whats wrong to claim he plays like a Finn? All European nations have their own playing style. Crosby way of playing look exactly as the Finnish nation style of hockey. Sidney Crosby does not play like a Canadian at all to be honest, even if I know your players differs a lot in playing style. He is far to technical to begin with. You need certain type of training to earn these skills.

The TV commentators commenting the "Worlds" told here this is the future Canada you see here. Fast and skillful is the game of tomorow. Canadian federation do have impact on your future game by educating younger players. This is from here all European training skills are comming into your country.

Technical execises are nowadays copied by both Americans and Canadians and adopted to their league structures. This is an entierly European invention to begin with and its our culture legacy. We have developed complete systems for these things. I happen to know a great deal about this, since I also know a couple of world famous coaches who have told me so.