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Posted by James on 5th March 2004 at 16:57 GMT
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In reply to Re: Play in Europe! posted by Håkan Ljung on 5th March 2004 at 09:28 GMT:

I think it is time for my book. I'll base it on my Top Ten.
Check out the North American Bestsellers list in a year or so, "Top Ten ways to not find a hockey job in Europe"
By the way, just had a call from a 27 year old here in Canada that, at his best,had been cut from Tier 2 as a 16 year old(yes, I am not joking!). He told me how if he had a chance and got in shape he could still play. I told him that even if he played 4 years Tier 1 or 4 years NCAA division 1, he would still have difficulty finding a job. He proceeded to tell me that everybody tries to hack him in the local men's senior league because he is too good a player(he was serious)and he deserves a shot in Europe. I told him I was pretty good at selling lemonade as a kid and I thought I deserved a shot in Microsoft's International Corporate Sales office.
I hung up the phone, had a good laugh with my wife, and started to call local publishers. Frankool and Hakan, if you want to invest in my book--let me know.