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Posted by Håkan Ljung on 28th May 2005 at 18:30 GMT
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You are probably right. This is rather complex question Sam asked. I am not sure if I know enough about this matter and what US college hockey is about.

It´s very difficult for junior the get into senior hockey here. I know they try to get in as many as possible, but they are rather few in numbers. It´s true what James said.

Swedish junior legaue called Super Elit is not a real good league at all, compared to junior leagues in Canada (or maybe college leagues in USA). Of that I am certain. Our junior league is a bit of a problem child to be honest. What´s missing is many good and competetive games. It´s treated as somekind of farm league or backyard.

Normaly juniors alternating between the junior team and the senior team from the same club playing in both leagues in one season. This happens often in division1 and Allsvenskan. Elitserien teams sometimes lend out their promising junior players if they are mature enough, to lower division teams to play senior hockey.

I know that Swedish agents, league and federation officials only recomends very young players who have developed their skills properly to go over to North America at junior age. History has shown us this.