NHL team level - World championship team level

Member: Håkan Ljung

Posted by Håkan Ljung on 22nd May 2006 at 15:05 GMT
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I dont think NHL teams are any better than top nation World Championchip squads. The media industry in North America wants everyone to believe the "Worlds" is a B tournament compared to NHL. But in reality it is not.

NHL and their afiliates allways strive to take away as much attention as possible from international hockey. This is why you cant watch any Worldchampionship games on TV in North America.

If you estimate Detroit Red Wings players on a scale from the 1st to 23th best players they have in the rooster. In a olympic level player 1-9 would be good enough to play in the olympics. I would say player 15-23 in Red Wings is not concidered good enough to play in the best European world championship teams.

This draft system is not as effiecient as it seems. It´s most often takes a while before players end up there. Some players wait for the right offer to show up and stay home until then, because of the small icesurface and playing style, others never manage to adjust themselfs to fit in to play there. Even so, they can still be worldclass players. And a small minority of players say no thank you to NHL! and prefers to remain in Europe as elite league players as long as they are active as players.

We still have many very good class players in the four best nation leagues in Europe. Whatever media says in North America, the World Championships remains as a very good tournament. The top WC teams are indeed better than NHL teams.