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Posted by Håkan Ljung on 22nd May 2006 at 19:21 GMT
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In reply to Re: NHL team level - World championship team level posted by Peggy on 22nd May 2006 at 18:11 GMT:

Its all about money. The media industry: TV companies, press, earn a lot of money by keeping international hockey out of North America. This is why they are so obcessed to make sure they have the best players availible. They even changed the entire league so even more Europeans will fit in. They want people to continue with their habbits, watching the same league Live or on TV.

Almost every second sentence sport reporters, NHL coaches and player says is ment to be advertisement for NHL. What they sometimes say is simply not true. NHL affiliated media bosses expect these people to act this way and that´s why they do it. Everyone involved will gain something.

It must work to get a TV card and watch international icehockey games on a broadband connected computor. If TV cards works on our computors it must work on yours. But the card maybe needs to be purchased from abroad.