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Posted by Jenelle Kohanchuk on 6th November 2003 at 04:03 GMT
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In reply to Hayley Wickenheiser posted by Denise on 13 September 2002 at 00:35 GMT:

Hey Hayley!! How's it going? I am doing a powerpoint project on you right now for school. We had to choose on someone famous to write a biography on. I chose you because I want to be just like you at hockey. I am proabably one of your biggest fans. I am a 13 year old girl. I play boys bantam AA hockey. I am the only girl on my team. Even though I have to change in a different dressing room as the guys, I still have a lot of fun! I live in Winnipeg. I went to your one on one tour, when you were here in Winnipeg. You have an awesome program!! I have a lot of posters and pictures of you in my bedroom. This summer coming up, my team and I are going to Edmonton. I am not quite sure about it though. I wish you could come and watch me play and I can meet you!! But I don't want to take time off of your work for you to come and watch me. I will keep you followed up. Well I also hope that you are having a good time in Finland or Calgary. Well can you please right back? I would really appreciate you if you could. Please and thank you. Jenelle Kohanchuk
p.s. Do you have an e-mail that I can keep contacted with you?