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Posted by Vovka on 04 October 1999 at 07:15 GMT
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In reply to Re: East European Hockey League posted by Mike Ewer on 01 October 1999 at 23:27 GMT:

what kind of shedules,Mike? What about are you talking? If you think this is easy to find good info about VEHL tournament - sorry,you are not rihgt. all what I have is last games results from our newspapers. I cann't find all games and standings while - seems this tournament is absolutelely local and info about it is rare in our news. All what I know is that LM is on 2d place now after two loosed games with Kiev-Berkut PVO 1:4 and 1:2. Totaly LM lost 3 games in VEHL. That is all. now I am looking for more info about all of games and standings there. I hope i will got this, but...sorry, this tournament is not the same like EHL or DEL or RHL.:(((