Re: How to create a European Hockey League?

Posted by Hollywood on 16th October 2003 at 07:09 GMT
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In reply to How to create a European Hockey League? posted by Håkan Ljung on 8th October 2003 at 19:59 GMT:

I used to think that there should be a European equivalent of the NHL. My past participation in other message boards has convinced me that especially Finnish and Swedish fans like their own national leagues the best.

Therefore, I suggest that you should have several strong regional leagues based in the traditional hockey powers. Perhaps some countries could put a single team in another country's league.

Then follow the model of North American junior and university championships - i.e. all the league winners plus a host team play in a tournament at the end of the year. Europeans seem to like the tournament format and it would not clash with the regular season. It would add a bonus to the end of the season without detracting from what already exists.

I would think the leagues would be somewhat like this:
1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Russia (and former USSR)
4. Czech & Slovak combined (they could have separate divisions within one league, as in the NHL)
5. Switzerland (with teams from other countries)
6. Germany (with teams from other countries)
7. Multi-national league (i.e. Britain France, etc. with a team or 2 from each country)