Raimo Helminen

Raimo Helminen is one of the most well known figures in the SM-Liiga.

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Finnish Leagues

Suomi-sarja Info

The Suomi-sarja league is made up of two groups (north and south) of 8 teams. Each team has 34 fixtures in the regular season. The first phase of playoffs (best of three) is between 1st and 4th, 2nd and 3rd in each group. The second phase match ups are determined by final league positions, with the best southern team playing the worst northern team and vice versa. The winners progress to the Mestis qualification. Suomi-sarja championship is decided by the games the Suomi-sarja teams play against each other in the Mestis qualification. The teams finishing in 8th place in each group will have to play off against II Divisioona teams, though the number of teams in Suomi-sarja will be increased to 20 for season 2002-03.

Member teams 2001/02:
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AaKoo Anjalankoski roster
EPS Espoo roster
HeKi Heinola roster
Jokipojat Joensuu roster
Karhu-Kissat Helsinki roster
KooVee Tampere roster
SaPKo Savonlinna roster
Titaanit Kotka roster

Ahmat Haukipudas roster
Et-Po 72 Ylitornio roster
Hokki Kajaani roster
IPK Iisalmi roster
Junkkarit HT Kalajoki roster
Kiekko-Oulu roster
Raahe-Kiekko roster
RoKi-79 Rovaniemi roster