Sweden wins the LG Hockey Games

Sweden beats Finland 4-0, read our live report here

Finland needs to win in regular time to win the tournament, if Sweden wins the game or if the game is tied after 60 minutes Sweden wins the title.

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Sweden - Finland 4 - 0 (0-0,1-0,3-0)
1st period
00:01 Game on - Finland wins the first face off
00:05 Icing Finland
00:11 Mikko Lehtonen FIN, minor penalty high sticking
01:35 Janne Niinima FIN, minor penalty delaying the game
02:11 Finland four skaters
02:30 Daniel Widing close to open the score
03:05 Jukka Voutilainen steals the puck and almost scores shorthanded
03:35 Finland full strength - not a good Swedish power play
04:25 Johan Andersson has a breakaway for Sweden but Tarkki saves
06:04 Icing Finland, Sweden has taken control of the game thanks to the double penalty in the beginning of the game.
07:05 Marcus Nilson SWE, minor penalty holding
09:05 Sweden full strength, one good chance for Finland on the power play
11:26 Christian Berglund SWE, minor penalty boarding
13:26 Sweden full strength - good box play by Sweden
14:31 More and more Finland now
15:26 Teemu Laine gets a chance when Ragnarsson gives away the puck in the defensive zone but the shot is too high
15:50 Face off in the Swedish zone
16:17 Johan Andersson SWE, minor penalty holding
16:38 Niko Kapanen gets a good chance on the PP but Holmquist saves
17:07 Team minor penalty FIN, too many players
17:52 4 on 4, face off in the Finnish zone
18:18 Sweden full strength
19:07 Finland full strength - Sweden couldn't make anything out of the short power play
20:00 First period over, shots 11-11, an even period

2nd period
20:01 Second period on its way
22:10 Tommi Santala FIN & Rickard Wallin SWE, minor penalties slashing
23:18 Johan Harju SWE, minor penalty holding the stick
25:18 Both teams full strength, some chances for Finland on the PP
27:12 Icing Finland
27:49 Not much action so far in the second period
28:05 And just as we said that the action begins with chances on both ends and now a small brawl, Refs talking to the team captains
28:05 Janne Niinima FIN, minor penalty roughing
28:05 Tommi Santala FIN, minor penalty holding
28:05 Christian Berglund SWE, double minor penalty roughing
28:56 No power plays we're playing 5 on 5
29:32 Omarks skates in from the corner and creates a good chance for Sweden, Tarkki saves
29:48 Icing Finland
30:08 Close call when Finland has a good chance in front of Holmquist
30:16 Teemu Laine FIN, minor penalty interfeerence
1-0 Magnus Johansson (Tony Mårtensson) PP

Mårtensson sets up the power play and Johansson shoots hard from the blue line.
32:30 Almost a Finnish goal
32:34 Mattias Timander SWE, minor penalty high sticking
33:17 Team minor penalty Finland, too many players
Second time this game Finland destroys a power play by icing too many players
34:34 Sweden full strength, a short power play to follow.
35;17 Finland full strength, Johansson close again on the PP
35:38 Johan Davidsson has a great chance for Sweden when he suddenly is clear in front of Tarrki, but he shoots over.
36:19 Markus Seikola FIN, minor penalty roughing
36:19 During the delayed call Sweden gets a 3 on 2 but Tarrki makes a nice glove save
38:14 The spectators are booing when Magnus Johansson SWE gets a minor penalty for tripping
38:20 Finland full strength, can they tie the game on the power play?
40:00 Second period is over, the game is still very even, it feels like power play will decide this game. Shots on goal in the second period 10-9 (total 21-20).

3rd period
40:01 The third period has started, Finland still has 15 seconds left on the power play
40:15 Sweden full strength
2-0 Tony Mårtensson (Omark, Weinhandl)

Mårtensson tries to find Weinhandl on the far post but the pass goes into the net!
44:01 Finland creates some pressue but fail to make anything out of it and Sweden can clear the puck
45:48 Olli Malmivaara FIN, minor penalty tripping
47:29 Good chance for Thörnberg but he hits the side netting
47:52 Finland full strength
48:59 A couple of hard Finnish shots from the blue line, but they miss the net
51:41 Finland are putting some pressure on Sweden but the Swedes are defending well
52:52 Holmquist makes a glove save and there is a face off in the Swedish zone
53:09 Icing Sweden
54:38 Finland plays well and gets a chance in the slot but Holmquist saves
54:47 Homquist is forced to an acrobatic save, face off in the Swedish zone
54:47 Time out Sweden
Finland still needs to score three goals to win the tournament
55:35 Minor Team Penalty Sweden, too many players
55:35 Time out Finland
55:40 Another nice glove save by Holmquist, face off in the Swedish zone, Finland pulls their goalie
55:48 12 283 Spectators today
56:11 Nilson just misses the open net
57;22 Finland tries but can't do it...
57:35 Sweden full strength
57:50 Sweden will win this
3-0 Linus Omark (Johan Holmquist)

After some Finnish pressure Omark gets the puck and hits the open net
4-0 Daniel Widing

Tarkki is back in the net but Widing steals the puck and races clear and lifts the puck over his shoulder.
60:00 The game is over and Sweden wins the game 4-0 and the LG Hockey Games Trophy!

Niinimaa and Holmquist gets the best player of the games award

Story added on 8th February 2009 at 15:21 GMT
Story submitted by: Fredrik Pålsson.



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