Latvia on their way to the quarter finals

France are eliminated after losing 1-7

Latvia have good chances to qualify for the quarter finals for the first time since 2004 after comfortably beating France 7-1.

Aleksandrs Nizivijs scored the only goal of the first period but when Latvia added two early goals in the second period the game was almost already over. France managed to hold the Latvians to only three goals for the reminder of the period but in the third period Latvia scored another four goals to secure their win.

Latvia now have seven points in the very even group and still has Russia left to play.

France - Latvia 1-7 (0-1,0-2,1-4)
0-1 (7:29) Aleksandrs Nizivijs (G Galvins) PP
0-2 (21:19) Martins Cipulis (A Nizivijs, H Vasiljevs)
0-3 (23:55) Lauris Darzins (K Sotnieks, R Lavins)
0-4 (46:39) Karils Skrastins (M Karsums)
0-5 (48:18) Aleksandrs Jerofejevs (A Sirokovs)
1-5 (51:38) Luc Tardif (S da Costa)
1-6 (52:24) Girts Ankipans (H Vasiljevs, M Karsums)
1-7 (52:39) Martins Cipulis (A Nizivijs, H Vasiljevs)

Shots: 28-38 (8-14,6-13,14-11)

Story added on 2nd May 2009 at 17:16 GMT
Story submitted by: Fredrik Pålsson.



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