Slovakia humiliated by their neighbours

Czech Republic demolishes Slovakia in 8-0 game

An important game and neighbouring rivals the Czech Republic, you would think that would be enough for Slovakia to a good a game. But Slovakia was totally outclassed by the Czech Republic. Slovakia's goalie Jan Lasak made a good performance but still conceded four goals in the first period.

Jaromir Jagr lead the way for the Czechs scoring the first two goals. After 7-0 Lasak had had enough and was replaced by Halak. Halak was soon beaten for 8-0. And in frustation he was hit in the head by his team mate Tomas Surovy who tried to hit the bar with his stick but hit Halak in stead. Shots on goals after two period were 34-9.

In the third period the game was more even and no goals were scored. Slovakia have done a very bad tournament so far but still can make the quarter finals if they beat Norway and Belarus doesn't take any more points. The Czechs can look forward to the quarter finals with a lot of self confidence.

Czech Republic - Slovakia 8-0 (4-0,4-0,0-0)
1-0 (6:35) Jaromir Jagr (K Rachunek)
2-0 (9:08) Jaromir Jagr (P Cajanek, M Blatak)
3-0 (12:48) Miroslav Blatak (K Rachunek, J Klepis) PP2
4-0 (15:25) Roman Cervenka (J Vasicek, J Klepis)
5-0 (25:07) Ales Kotalkik (J Hlinka, P Caslava)
6-0 (29:08) Roman Cervenka (J Klepis, J Vasicek)
7-0 (30:12) Milan Michalek (M Zidlicky, T Plekanec)
8-0 (38:14) Patrick Elias (K Rachunek)

Shots: 41-18 (20-2,14-7,7-9)

Story added on 2nd May 2009 at 19:41 GMT
Story submitted by: Fredrik Pålsson.



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