Dutch All Star Game nl

The Annual All Star game in the Netherlands was played for the first time in Zoetermeer where a new arena, the Silverdome, has arisen. The national team plays a selection of imports playing in the Super Liga. 

The Netherlands saw the 1-0 lead they took in the first period disappear when the All-Stars scored 3 unanswered goals in the second period. The third period was wild and frenzy and saw 8 goals, equally divided amongst each team. This meant the Super Liga Import All-Stars won the game 7-5. Dale Crombeen of Nijmegen Tigers scored twice.

Netherlands - Team All Stars 2002 5-7 (1-0, 0-3, 4-4)

Goals Netherlands:

Simon de Wit, Chad Euverman, Rody Jacobs, Lamonte Polet and Alexander Schaafsma

Goals Team All Stars 2002:

Dale Crombeen (2x), Ryan van Diemen, Jamie Visser, Don Nichols, Jedd Crumb and Doug Stienstra


Next to this game the NIJB (Dutch ice hockey federation) handed out the annual awards for the 2001-2002 season.

Frans Henrichs Trophy

In 1987, the nestor, of Dutch ice hockey, Frans Henrichs, has made a trophy available for the most valuable player in the Dutch league. This award has previously been won by Ron Berteling, Ben Tijnagel, Tony Collard (2x), Antoine Geesink, Marcel Nijland, David Livingston, Theo Van Gerwen, Tommie Speel, Theo Krüger, Robbert Prick van Wely, Honoré Loos and Rody Jacobs

The Frans Henrichs-Trophy Super Liga 2001-2002 season has been awarded to Marcel Nijland.

Gobel-De Bruyn Trophy

During the B-World Championships in 1979 Gerry Gobel and John de Bruyn tended the Dutch net. Both goalies were playing on top of their form and forced coach Hans Westerberg to rotate the goalies. Govel was the starting goalies during wins over Japan, Switzerland and Romania. In the game against hosts Romania, Netherlands qualified for the Olympic winter games of Lake Placid. De Bruyn was in net during the wins against Norway, China and the DDR. That last win meant the gold medal went to the Netherlands and furthermore promotion to the A-pool. Gobel played 77 times for the national team between 1970 and 1979 and played for Tilburg Trappers. De Bruyn played 51 games for the national team between 1977 and 1981 and played for Tigers Amsterdam.

Also the Gobel-De Bruyn Trophy for best goaltender of the Super Liga 2001-2002 season has been awarded to Marcel Nijland.

Wil van Dommelen Trophy

Wil van Dommelen was voted best defenseman of the tournament during the World Championships C-pool. This was the first time a Dutch player won this award. Van Dommelen played 53 games for the national between 1961-1971. Between the early'60 and mid '70's he played for Den Haag Wolves, IJshockeyclub 's-Hertogenbosch and IJshockey Club Utrecht.

The Wil van Dommelen trophy for best defenseman of the Super Liga 2001-2002 season has been awarded to Jason Smith

Jack de Heer Trophy

Jack de Heer is the all time top scorer of the national team. With 114 goals and 96 assists in 119 games he was already on top of the topscorers list when this trophy was awarded for the first time in 1988. A position, as can expected now,  he will keep for quite some time. Jack de Heer played for Tilburg Trappers, Heerenveen Flyers, EHC Arosa (Switzerland) and again Heerenveen Flyers, in the 70's and early 80's.

The Jack de Heer Trophy for the top scorer of the Super Liga 2001-2002 season has been awarded to Kevin Hoogsteen.

Wim Kuit Trophy

Wim Kuit started playing hockey at the age of 6 at the ice rink at the Linneusstraat in Amsterdam. IN 1961 he was one of the group members who erected Tigers Amsterdam. Since then Wim Kuit has also been an active referee. Between the 60's and 1998 he was a member of the arbitral commitee of the NIJB. During that spell he was referee-in-chief for 15 years. Wim Kuit has been awarded with an honourable membership of the NIJB.

The Wim Kuit Trophy for most valuable referee of the Superliga 2001-2002 season has been awarded to Sven Bergman.


G Ruud van der HolstHeerenveen Flyers
G Benjamin VanderklokTigers Amsterdam
D Justin BekkeringHeerenveen Flyers
D Ray GallagherNijmegen Tigers
D Maarten de GrootTigers Amsterdam
D Bas de HaanEaters Geleen
D Tom HartogsEV Duisburg Die Füchse
D Jeffrey van IerselTilburg Trappers
F Rody JacobsTilburg Trappers
F Chris EimersTigers Amsterdam
F Chad EuvermanEaters Geleen
F David HoogsteenTigers Amsterdam
F Hans KroonHeerenveen Flyers
F Erik LandmanHeerenveen Flyers
F Joshua OortTigers Amsterdam
F Lamonte PoletEaters Geleen
F Nick RohdeTilburg Trappers
F Alexander SchaafsmaTigers Amsterdam
F Simon de WitTilburg Trappers
F Sjon WyniaTilburg Trappers

All Stars 2002
ca G Phil GroeneveldTigers Amsterdam
ca G Craig HillierEaters Geleen
ca D Arik EngbrechtHeerenveen Flyers
ca D Aaron GrosulTilburg Trappers
ru D Stanislav NazarovTilburg Trappers
ca D Don NicholsTilburg Trappers
ca D Jason SmithTigers Amsterdam
ca D Wes SwinsonTigers Amsterdam
sk D Robert VrbaNijmegen Tigers
ca F Dale CrombeenNijmegen Tigers
ca F Jedd CrumbHeerenveen Flyers
ca F Ryan van DiemenEaters Geleen
ca F Jesse HeeremaTigers Amsterdam
ca F Matt KorthuisNijmegen Tigers
ca F Jim LawrenceTilburg Trappers
ca F Jay McNeilTilburg Trappers
ca F Kevin PucovskyHeerenveen Flyers
ca F Justin SteinbachTigers Amsterdam
ca F Doug StienstraNijmegen Tigers
us F Paul VincentTigers Amsterdam
ca F Jamie VisserHeerenveen Flyers

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